Friday, June 13, 2008

Entropy reigns

I remember in high school chemistry our teacher relating to us what her daughter told her once. Her room was a mess, underwear everywhere, and our teacher was really upset over it (for obvious reasons). Her daughter simply replied with some witty comment about the law of entropy taking over. I'm here to add support to the law of entropy and the general state of things once entropy has tromped on through. For those of you who don't know what it is, here's the definition:


2 a: the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity b: a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder
: chaos, disorganization, randomness

I left out the first definition cause it was this 5-line explanation of thermodynamics in chemistry, which only a select few of you would actually understand and much less appreciate. Be grateful.

It's basically the tendency of a system to fall into disorder. A system like an apartment, or a bedroom. Now, I've been back in Provo for a little over a week, and I've kept the whole apartment in very good shape, and even cleaned my room twice (yeah, twice in a week). But my room...I haven't been spending to much time in there, and it's incredible to see how it just descends into a mess in such a short time.

I think this is a byproduct of starting something and not finishing it (Olivia lays rejected and dejected on the floor...), rushing off quickly (unkempt bed), clearly not done unpacking, and general disregard for organization. And don't go looking hard at the picture mom - there isn't any underwear on the floor, or anywhere in sight. But it is messy. Blah. I think I'm gonna clean it. Maybe today ;)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Grill power

Haha, it's been a while.

SO, I got back to Provo last week on Wednesday, amid rain and cold weather, but haven't written anything on my blog yet pending pictures and video that would actually upload. Unfortunately, on the plane home I realized that my camera was sitting in my room back in Texas and was the only device that has the pictures and videos that I've been waiting to post. So I thought I'd wait to post something until the camera came in. Well, I've received strong suggestions from friends and family members that I write something at least, so here it goes.

I have recently acquired something that makes me feel more manly, or masculine, or whatever testosterone-building adjective you can think of. A grill!

Yes, a grill. And it's not one of those touch-button ignition put-atomic-bombs-to-shame grills, but a real charcoal burning grill that demands some degree of pyromaniac (ahem...pyrotechnic) skills to conquer its ferocious and infamous cooking attitude. And that I have. With pride.

Speaking of pride, I went to pick up the grill at the Lowe's in Orem after buying it online while in Texas. Of course, nothing's as easy as it says it will be online or anywhere. I waited for about 10 minutes at the Customer Services desk for customer service, and was redirected to the very back of the store, where I waited while the guy at the desk had an argument via telephone with somebody else in the store, then he gruffly asked what I needed, and when informed, vaguely pointed to the wall and muttered something about it being in a box. I found the grill on the shelf in a box and carried it to the Customer Service desk again, where I waited, again, and finally got a receipt. Then the lady asked me if I wanted them to assemble it for me. And this is where my pride entered.

There's something innately masculine to politely refuse assistance in assembling a metal apparatus. Or receiving assistance in general. I dont' know why. Normally I'm not that belligerent at all, but the thought of having another man put together my grill when I'm perfectly capable and intelligent enough to do it myself just really rubbed me the wrong way. So I politely refused assistance from the lady and took my prize home. Then spent an hour putting it together. And voila! My own, real-life, fire-powered, masculinity-inducing grill. And it's Hunter Green. Oh yeah. :)

Another thing is that it's been really cool here (temperature wise that is) since I got back. It was about 50 degrees and rainy when I flew in on Wednesday, and since then the temperature has only risen to 68 I think. Maybe 72. But that was one day. It's been in the low 40's at night to about 65 during the day, which is well well well below normal for June. Today it might hit 78, which is still about 5 degrees below normal, but tomorrow a cold front comes in. It's gonna be cold till the weekend. And I thought it was summer. Well, when life gives you lemons...