Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Calm before the storm

I've been home now for 10 days.

The MCAT is in 3 days.


Last week I studied some more, but not as much as I had hoped for. I did a lot of physics review, which was desperately needed, but didn't get the practice tests in as I wanted. However, there was a lot I did do.

Last week was the only week that both Ben and I were here together with our Dad for this whole summer, so there was a lot of things planned. We played frisbee golf all morning one morning, went shooting (shotguns) all afternoon another day, shot pistols all morning another day, mixed and poured concrete for our front walkway another morning, went and saw movies one afternoon, played racquetball one evening, etc. My hands were full. And I felt that I should really take the time to enjoy the company of the only guys in our family for the only week we'd be spending together at home.

Well, Ben left to FSU in Tallahassee on Sunday morning for a month long Law Program there, and things have really slowed down. Dad's off at work, my sisters are still in school, Mom's running errands, and I'm left to...STUDY!! Yes, study my brains out. And it's not really like studying, but reviewing. Studying new material at this point isn't going to do you much good. I took a full length practice yesterday (again) and will take another one in a couple hours. I'm feeling confident yet very nervous. I hate that.

It's like giving a talk for me (which I did this last Sunday). You would think that as a Vocal Performance major I'd be able to get in front a group of people, open my mouth, and get used to it, right? Haha, au contraire. I get very anxious, my palms sweat, my knees shake; oh, it's bad. So I feel that I'm approaching that point in slow motion with the MCAT coming up. I haven't started shaking or sweating or anything, but I have begun to get nervous. Ugh.

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