Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ok, forgive me for writing two posts back to back, but I've been away from the blog for awhile and need to catch up.

Somehow in Greek that comes across as a 13 mile run. Yes, folks, a run. I'm going to run 13 miles. And not just any 13 miles. No. Nor just 13 miles. A true half-Marathon, 13.1 miles!! This awe-inspiring and jawdropping event will take place on the beautiful Saturday of September 13, 2008, near Price, Utah. It's supposedly this gorgeous area known as the Little Grand Canyon (if anybody wants to sign up with me, please do :)) Here's a link for the lowdown of this wonderful occurrence.
So you may ask, how did such a ludicrous idea pop into Anthony's head? Well, here's the scoop. There was this one time, long ago, when I actually enjoyed running. I would come home from a group dinner, do a little homework, then feel the prying eyes of my running shoes peering at me from within my closet. 3 times a week I would run about 3 miles. Now, as any sane individual who knows me knows, this didn't last long. Only about 4 months or so. BUT, it happened, and I want to bring that back.

Last Labor Day weekend you would have found me in sunny southern California rooting on 4 of my friends during the last leg of the Disney Land 1/2 Marathon. While there as a spectator I felt all the excitement and energy from the runners and their family/friends and decided that at least once in my life I wanted to run a 1/2 marathon. My hope was that it would be the disney one, but alas, this year it's on a Sunday. And the day before school starts. But heaven smiled upon me (and other friends who are accompanying me) and I found the Little Grand Canyon 1/2 Marathon.

So, if any brave souls wish to run with me this summer (or point and laugh - you won't be first though. Ben beat you to the punch) just let me know. :)


courtney said...

Wow that is so neat! If I were there, I would half attempt to train with you. Is Devan going running with you?

Mrs. Hadlock said...

Ohh!! You do post on your blog! Hooray.
I want to the DISNEY half marathon!
I hope you create a really spectacular 80's inspired marathon outfit. Seriously, it will help you. ;)