Sunday, April 20, 2008

book tag/movie quote contest

So this is from my sister Courtney. Ok, grab the book closest to you and open to page 123 (if there aren't 123 pages get a bigger book) and read the 5th sentence on the page. Now post the sentence. Courtney's was actually pretty in-depth, in it's own little way. Mine is completely random. Here it is, from the textbook Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura hispánica, from the story San Manuel Bueno, mártir. Ready for this? Here goes:
"¡Esta terrible pesadilla!"

The story is like 24 pages long in this textbook, so I don't think I'm gonna read it to explain it.

...what was that?

Textbooks aren't allowed?

Hmm...well, here's another close book.

"Put your Iron Boots on (set them so you press
[down] to access them on and off), then press A
to catch the Goron, and throw him off the barricade!"

Oh, yeah. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - PRIMA Official Game Guide. It's Ben's, not mine. Just setting that straight. Ben's been playing this a lot lately, now that classes are over and we're in finals week. Haha, you'd think...

Movie quote time.

Fake scientist: It's a yenaglotchi [sic]. It's the Navajo version of a...
Crow: Poodle!

Haha, I don't know how many people will get the quote. Ben will, definitely, and Courtney should, too. It's one of my favorite movies. :)

So there you have it! Don't everybody start doing it at once, now, ya hear? Actually I don't really care if people do it or don't. But it would be interesting.


Missy Johnson said...

i didnt really read the post, just wanted to say hi.

Courtney & Nar said...

naturally mst3k. The werewolf. Is that how you spell that? Werewolf? warewolf. Wherewolve. werewolf.

jessica said...

let us know when you will be in town we would love to see you