Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm professional

Tonight I just had another lesson with my voice student, Alex. Can you believe it?!? I'm actually giving lessons! Teaching somebody something that they want to know that I know about! Haha! It's like I'm an adult or responsible or something. Who'd of thunk? No really, I've been teaching 2 students since the beginning of January, and it's been an eye-opening experience. I don't consider myself that well educated in the arena of vocal pedagogy, but I guess I can help others to start learning how their voices work and how to get the best sound out of them without any nasty side effects that self-teaching can bring about. It's for a class I'm taking so it would be unethical to charge them, so they're free lessons. But before you start grabbing your phones, I'm not giving away lessons anymore - I hope to (somehow) get a little studio going over this summer to increase my income a bit. Just another to add on top of my schedule.

But hey, it's fun :)


Courtney & Nar said...

I like your shirt. Whenever I go shopping I tend to lean towards stripes like crazy

Courtney & Nar said...

ookay I tagged you. so that means you must read my blog and do whatever it tells you to.. muahaha. Man, this thing is so ineffective I'm going to have to email you.