Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First night

Monday, April 28

These next couple weeks I'm going to be showing pictures and writing about events from the BYU Singers 2008 Tour to Nevada and Southern California.
Ben and I are going with the other 40-or-so members of Singers. Actually, right now I'm sitting in Moapa, Nevada (thriving metropolis…) in the Moapa Valley High School band room typing this out. But here goes.

Yesterday we finished cleaning in the morning for cleaning checks that were this morning, but only my cousin was there. Either way, we left him all alone for a few days with this completely full refrigerator.

Hopefully he'll eat all the extra food :) (which means all of it, haha) After cleaning the rest of the apartment, we joined up with Singers in the Museum of Art parking lot and hit the road at 12pm in a big bus.

Now, normally I'm not a fan of sitting on a bus forever, but with this group of people things are a bit different. We have so much fun while we're together and build off each other's fun and joviality. However, on the bus we go by some rules:

1. NO SINGING on the bus. This is the first and foremost rule that is never bent for anyone. We may be a choir, but there's a time and place for everything. And a bus is NOT the place.

2. Respect quiet time.

You know, there are more but I can't remember them. But those two alone make the bus a much more enjoyable place. Which is what it has to be with so much time spent on it. Yesterday was a long trip - 4 hours to St. George. So, 4 hours later, we pulled into the red-rock city and went to the Cox's house for dinner. And oh. my. gosh. That house was HUMUNGOUS. I want to put up pictures, but they're all too big, so some day in the future I'll put the pictures up.

We had a fireside that night in St. George, where we saw the Abraham family after 6 years (maybe 7). They came to the concert and we went ahead and took a picture with them. All of them but their second oldest, Nick, was in the picture (he escaped with other young men in the stake). It was nice seeing them again. :)

That night we stayed with the Miller Family (Kenny and Stacy) and their two boys (Mason and Ian). Their neighbors came over across the street with Ben Peterson and Brent Rogers (also in Singers) and we had a fun time laughing and talking over ice cream till about 11pm, when the neighbors and the two guys left to the other house and we all went to bed. I got Ian's bed, which looked like it would have fit Woody from Toy Story perfectly. He also had a glorified rocking horse and tons of cowboy paraphernalia throughout the room. It was entertaining as I fell asleep texting my sister Devan through the night. :)

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