Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

I almost forgot to write about my Dad today! It's his birthday! He's 25. Haha, not really. That would mean that I was born when he was 2 weeks old...which is just gross. NO, not 25. But not 50 either (between the two). That's all you need know ;)

One of the only old pictures of Dad on my computer. He looks happy ;)

So it's his birthday today. You know, I think that over the last 8 years I've only been with my dad 3 times on his birthday. Let's reflect on those three times:

2002: I was at home right before my mission. I don't remember much of the birthday or general festivities made, but I do remember that it was fun. I think at least. Come on, it was a long time ago!

2004: This one was interesting. I was a missionary. Yep, still had my badge of courage on. My missionary service was to end on the 14th of July, 2004, but my family came down to tour Costa Rica for a week and take me home (though I was probably more of a side item, hehe). So I was making all these plans and calling hotels and stuff to make my family's stay in Costa Rica the best and funnest it could be (and it was, lemme tell ya), and then it struck me: Dad's birthday is gonna be in the country! On a Monday no less! (FHE people, FHE) So I got everything ready that had to be gotten ready, and my family didn't have the shadiest. After playing throughout the country we ended up in my last area for Sunday and Monday, culminating with a ward FHE, which I was conducting. Monday night came around, we all went to the chapel, and there were probably 60-70 people from my ward there (including all my baptisms) and this really, really big cake there with something like 'Happy Birthday Greg' written on it. And we all sang Happy Birthday in English to him and then in Spanish. He was totally shocked and taken by surprise. And he cried (in a good way, of course). That was one of the best memories of my mission. :)

2005: A year later I was a waiter at The Italian Inn: Home of the Singing Waiters in Fort Worth, so we celebrated there. I can't really remember that one either, but I'm sure it was good. They always are. Come to think of it, I think he may have come to the restaurant. I might have sung for him. And we may have sung Happy Birthday as a restaurant, with free drinks all around...or maybe not. But I'm pretty sure it was there, cause I remember my boss giving him a free dessert. Yeah, I had connections.

Just so you know what could have been taking my time the other 5 years, here's a quick list: 2000: music camp; 2001: music camp; 2003: mission; 2006: pest control; 2007: school; 2008: work in Utah.

I do wish I could be there with him in Texas. I don't say it enough, especially to others, of how much I love and admire my dad. Now that I'm getting on in years myself I can see how the little things he did have influenced me greatly. He's a HUGE stickler on responsibility, which has helped me land more than one job and do well in classes. He taught my brother and I the importance of patience, respect, and tactfulness (word?). He puts his family above all other priorities, which has probably taught me the most of everything he's done - how much he loves us. I don't know if he knows that I brag to so many of my friends that when I was in high school and on my mission my dad didn't work a ton, which he could've done. He worked as much as was needed and spent the rest of the time with his family. When he was a bishop he cared for the ward and took care of it, but his family came first. Always.

What an inspiration and role model he was and still is for me. My biggest wish today (besides wishing him a happy birthday) is to have been able to be there with him and my family. Maybe one day we'll all end up together on July 19th to celebrate. Maybe at #50... ;)

Happy Birthday Dad :)


courtney said...

Well that definitely brought a tear to my eye! You're so thoughtful ant. I remember Italian Inn and Costa Rica - they both were so fun! Is Italian Inn still open? If they are we should go in August! and Re-celebrate dad's 25th.

Greg said...

Make me cry again.
Now everyone who reads your blog will know your father is a cry baby.
Thank you
I Love you too

Devan said...

lol! dad's so cute. dad a cry baby.. yea right. everyone thinks dad makes everyone else cry!! lol. that was really cute. and true! i brag on my family soo much all the time!!!!! i am positive people get annoyed, but they have to suck it up. lol.