Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cold spell

Here in the mountains the last few days we've been under a very early cold spell that's thrown my holiday spirit into a frenzy. Oh, and don't forget the weatherman I keep hidden deep inside - he's made a prominent showing the last week. Ask any of my coworkers. :)

On Thursday last week we had a dry coldfront pass through that dropped the temperatures to a tad below normal (highs in the 50s), but on Saturday morning we had an upper level low pass through that plunged the temperatures into the 30s for the rest of the weekend. Yesterday (Monday) the temperature only reached about 40 degrees, staying in the 30s all day. Right now (12:04pm) the temperature outside is 42, after a low of 28 around 8am. Brrr!!!

To make things even more holiday-mood-inducing, we had our first snow of the season. Nothing stuck (too bad), but we had flurries Saturday morning, Saturday night, and on Sunday morning. Other luckier locals received snow, such as Roy, Utah, that got 11"! It's just not fair. :( But it has given me the excuse to wear fall/winter clothes, which I have to say are my favorite clothes. I don't know, but something about bundling up and wearing scarves and coats makes me feel better. And drinking hot chocolate. And taking steamy hot showers after walking to the bathroom and almost freezing to death. And trying to blow smoke rings with only your breath in the cold night air. I'm gonna miss the mountains when I leave. :)

And yes, this is Utah. In case you were wondering. :)


Kristi said...

He's not THAT deep inside.

Jenn said...

Blog stalking! It's my new favorite sport. See, I was visiting Heidi's site, and I saw your link and thought to myself, "Self, I only know of two Navajo twins that Heidi knows, and therefore, this must be one of those twins!" Turns out I was right. Glad I found you!

-Jenn (Johnson) Hill . . . or you could just call me Heather

Tian Tian said...

I finally figured out who "andtheknee" was posting on Angie's blog. It took you making some implication that you were engaged before I put it together. Remember how I'm not shy about my stupidity. Nor am I "shy" in anyway. Love love love your blog!

PS-I agree, winter clothes are the best; it's a lot easier to explore vintage when you're fully clothed.

bigredd711 said...

You are disgusting. Cold weather is never a good thing, you are a psycho. The hot, humid weather of summer is obviously the superior type of weather!

Tiffani said...

Wow... what a gorgeous picture! And they say that the east coast has the most beautiful fall weather.. but it looks like Utah has moved up to first place in that category. (Glad to see that you are an avid blogger again!) ;)