Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm back and engaged!

To all my dear fans (meaning you 4 people who read this),

I'm back! Yes, after a long hiatus I've finally returned to my castle within my blogdom to stay...hopefully. And after such a time away, there's a lot to write about! However, in the interest of your interest I'm only going to write about 1 or 2 topics per post over the next few days or week, just catching up little by little. So, with that disclaimer, here we go.


Yes, to my room mates' dismay and my parents absolute delight, I will be tying the knot with this wonderful lady 5 days before Christmas. I am absolutely ecstatic and excited and exuberant (??) over this new detail in my life. It's strange to think of how my life in April didn't include Angie, when now I can't imagine it without her. Well, I can imagine it, but it isn't pretty.

So, along with the marriage thing is the preparation for the marriage thing, which means that Angie slaves over the types of colors, fabric, who decorates, what we'll eat, who caters, what her shoes will look like, what her hair will look like (short or long???), what type of flowers and centerpieces the tables at the reception will have, if
there are chairs that look cute without those "hideous" chair covers...the list goes on and on. For Angie. I, however, think my part is over: I've got the honeymoon planned and paid for, where we're staying the 2 nights after we get hitched, and our mode of transportation to Texas for the Gardner reception. Aren't I lucky? I just know someone's gonna comment and tell me something I'm missing, which might be a very major component of the happens.

I've also been trying to grasp the concept of living with another person with whom I'll share basically everything. Like,
everything. I mean, you know, I've been a twin as long as I can remember (hahaha), sharing tons of stuff all the time. But this is something different. Completely different. I don't know exactly how to put it into words, or text...but it will be different. But fun. :) And I can't wait :)


Our temple :)

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courtney said...

Living with your spouse is about a billion million times better than living with a roommate. No offense former roommates. It's very comforting. and comfortable. On the other hand I really like that grovelling/credit card picture. That's exactly what happened to me last night!