Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Orion, the Great Hunter

I didn't know that in Greek mythology Orion was a great hunter that Zeus placed in the heavens as a constellation. Either way, right now I'm in a Super 8 Motel getting ready to be a mini-Orion tomorrow with fellow mini-Orion cohorts, namely Ben, Dad, and Grandpa. It's our male bonding time. And we've already started bonding, in a slightly macabre way - we're all injured or stricken in one way or another. Ben decided to up and throw out his back last night; Dad did something to his back that hurt it and makes his hip stick out to the left for the first dozen or so paces; Grandpa hurt his shoulder pretty bad a few weeks ago (I think), and at 76 that takes a toll; and I have mono. What a team we make. The good news is that I'm getting over the mono and actually am not that affected by it, except for sleeping a little more than normal. Which means I'm the pack mule, the hired muscle (those of you who know me well can start laughing), and the guy who has to bend over to pick up anything lower than waist-level.

Ben and Dad stretching in the truck bed.

I enjoyed taking this video ;)

But it's not all bad. Actually it should be somewhat entertaining, being the only one not physically disabled to some degree, helping the gimps hunt for perfectly healthy elk. Oh, those poor elk. How embarrassing would it be to be hunted down by smaller, weaker, disabled organisms in blaze orange. Poor things. ;)

Gettin' ready for the hunt tomorrow. Ben's doing what he does best...

Trying to get Ben's attention for a picture. Didn't happen.

Orion?? Nope, just me. Close, though ;)

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