Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good and Bad Signs in a Relationship

Good signs and bad signs. The main reason for this post is that I didn't cut my nails for the longest time, and decided that it's a bad sign if your fingernails are longer and whiter than your fiancée's. Yeah, mine were. I got them taken care of, though ;).

We also registered at Target this last week, and it was a very good sign, to me at least, that we have the same opinions and likes/dislikes in most things with bedding, kitchenware, bathroom decor, etc. It was really refreshing, actually, after years of little arguments with roommates about kitchen stuff.

What other good and not-so-bad (more humorous, really) signs are there in a marriage (which I will soon be in)? What are your thoughts?

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Ashley Bybee said...

You're engaged! I've been so out of the loop that I just found out by reading your blog. That's fantastic! I think a sign of a good marriage is similar likes in pets. One might be able to put up with a bedspread that they don't like that their spouse does, but I don't know about a pet like, say, a racoon. Good thing Xan and I decided against a racoon before the deal was sealed. :)