Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hunting, hunting...

Well, today was a day full of seeing deer, chipmunks, mice, but no elk. But hey, that's hunting! But seeing 10 deer was definitely a confidence booster for us. Which isn't really necessary yet, because our confidence hasn't had enough time to plummet, but it still feels good. It was quite chilly this morning, but by midday the temperature soared into the mid 60s, nearly melting us in our hunting gear. After a Subway lunch (now 72 degrees!) we waited at the motel for our guide, who had car trouble and couldn't show up, so we left around 4:30 to scout out an area for tomorrow and do a little more hunting. We found a good place and saw more wildlife, which is a good sign, and then came back home. Not much done, but a lot done, depending on how you look at it.

I did get a lot of pictures in, too. Here's some - I'm tired and won't be typing much. :)

Some small nature pictures :)

Hunters in action - Dad & Ben laying down, Grandpa hopping logs.

General nature pics

One thing that I absolutely love about hunting is how much time I get to just sit and think and reflect on my life, decisions I've made (MARRIAGE!), and just enjoy the marvelous world around me. I can hear so many little creatures, birds, the wind, branches rustling, elk bugles (I think they were human...), that just testify of the majesty and divinity of the earth. Just wonderful.

On a totally different subject, Ben made the quote of the day. While we were watching buzzards and golden eagles today, some huge black birds got our attention. We decided that they were ravens, but HUGE ravens.

"You could eat those!" Ben exclaimed.
"Well, they're definitely bigger than chickens," I replied.
Ben continued, "They may be bigger, but the question is: How big are their breasts? Chicken breasts have increased 50% in size since 1940."

The last sentenced was lost in strange, awkward flood of thoughts that came from his "big question." In our apartment we put awkward, funny, and just plain wonderful quotes on our fridge. This one definitely merits display in the kitchen. :)

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Angie said...

I could definitely hear Ben's voice in that quote. And I miss you... terribly ;)